About Us


The Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund educates voters, promotes strategic public policy, and supports candidates who share our vision that all Washington residents have the opportunity to live in safe, healthy, affordable homes, in thriving communities.

We do this through:

  • Advocating for public policy that advances our vision
  • Registering voters and engaging them as advocates 
  • Educating candidates and elected officials 
  • Endorsing and working to elect housing champions
  • Holding lawmakers accountable
  • Organizing with tenants of low-income housing

Board of Directors

Sheila Babb Anderson
Irene Basloe Saraf
Vice President
Brien Thane
Andy Silver
Endorsement Committee Chair
Paul Hanson Loren Tierney
J. Peter Shapiro Kylie Rolf
Emily Alvarado Terri Anderson
Kim Herman Christena Coutsoubos