Policy Priorities

2018 Affordable Housing and Homelessnes
Priorities At-A-Glance

The lead priorities for our 2018 State Legislative Agenda are below. Each year, we adopt a legislative agenda in collaboration with the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, which is approved jointly by our boards of directors, based on the recommendation of the Public Policy Committee (PPC)

Download a PDF version of our lead priorities here. (2 pages)

Create affordable homes. Invest at least $106 million in the Housing Trust Fund. 

Ban discrimination based on a renter's source of income. Pass HB 1633 or SB 5407 to close a fair housing loophole that allows landords to discriminate against tenants who use rental assistance. 

Secure and increase funding for programs that prevent and end homelessness. Pass HB 1570 to increase the document recording fee, ensure it never expires, and allow communities the flexibility to use 100% of funds to best meet local needs.

Protect Washington's lifeline for people with disabilities and elderly adults. Fully fund life-saving services that prevent homelessness and help people meet their basic survival needs including: 

  • Housing and Essential Needs Program; 
  • Aged, Blind and Disabled Program; 
  • Medical Care Services; 
  • SSI Facilitation Services.

Ensure people with disabilities experiencing chronic homelessness can access permanent supportive housing, health, and social services. Allow full Operating Budget authority for the supportive housing services Medicaid benefit included in the state's Medicaid Transformation Demonstration.

In addition to these priorities we also support efforts to increase wages so that all working people can afford a safe and healthy home.
We support cleaning up our tax code so we can free up resources to solve homelessness and prevent families from having to make impossible choices between paying for a home, and paying for food, medicine, and other necessities.
We also take positions on other issues that impact affordable housing and homelessness as they arise throughout the session.

For a more in depth look at these policies visit the Housing Alliance's State Advocacy page.