2021 Endorsements (Snohomish County)

Housing Action Alliance of Snohomish County

The HAASC is an all-volunteer group of Snohomish County residents and friends committed to the principle that housing is a human right and the belief that we are all better off when everyone lives in a safe, healthy, and affordable home. Operating as a local endorsement committee of the Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund, the Housing Action Alliance of Snohomish County recruits and supports candidates for local (city, town, & county), elected offices in Snohomish County who share our vision of thriving communities with sustainable and equitable housing opportunities for all.

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2021 Candidate Endorsements


Jared Mead - WON: 61.3%

Snohomish County Council
Position 4


Brandy Donaghy

Snohomish County Council
Position 5

Cassie Franklin - WON: 72.59%

Everett Mayor

Mary Fosse - WON: 60.93%

Everett City Council, Position 1

Paula Rhyne - WON: 52.83%

Everett City Council, Position 2

Don Schwab - WON: 77.61%

Everett City Council, Position 3

Liz Vogeli - WON: 52.32%

Everett City Council, Position 4

Demi Chatters

Everett City Council, Position 5

Christine Frizzell - WON: 53.52%

Lynnwood Mayor

Naz Lashgari

Lynnwood City Council, Position 2

Joshua Binda - WON: 52.94%

Lynnwood City Council, Position 3




HAASC Volunteer Board

Mary Anne Dillon

Rachel Downes

Fred Safstrom

Jim Dean

Duane Leonard

Mark Smith

Melinda Woods

Laura Reed

Brock Howell


Child's crayon drawing of a Snohomish County map