2021 Endorsements

The Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund educates voters, promotes smart public policy, and supports candidates who share our vision that all Washington residents have the opportunity to live in safe, healthy, affordable homes, in thriving communities. The work of Housing Champions has resulted in extraordinary wins for housing and homelessness policies, particularly in collaboration with our wide network over the last three years. 

This year we are considering endorsements in specific local races. Our endorsements are below.

We are proud to have our first subcommittee for the Action Fund in Snohomish County. For more information go to their page: Housing Action Alliance of Snohomish County (HAASC).

Housing Action Fund Endorsements


Spokane City Council

Photo of Naghmana Sherazi

Naghmana Sherazi

Dis. 1


Photo of Betsy Wilkerson

Betsy Wilkerson - WON: 95.05%

Dis. 2


Photo of Zack Zappone

Zack Zappone - WON: 50.56%

Dis. 3


Vancouver City Council

Photo of Diana Perez

Diana Perez - WON: 60.21%

Pos. 3



Seattle Mayor

Photo of Lorena Gonzalez

Lorena González



Seattle City Council

Photo of Teresa Mosqueda

Teresa Mosqueda - WON: 59.39%

Pos. 8


Photo of Nikkita Oliver

Nikkita Oliver

Pos. 9




Redmond City Council

Photo of Jeralee Anderson

Jeralee Anderson - WON: 68.23%

Pos. 6



Bothell City Council

Photo of Han Tran

Han Tran - WON: 52.39%

Pos. 1


Photo of Jenne Alderks

Jenne Alderks - WON: 60.48%

Pos. 3


Photo of Rami Al-Kabra

Rami Al-Kabra - WON: 56.42%

Pos. 7



SeaTac City Council

Photo of Jake Simpson

Jake Simpson - WON: 60.77%

Pos. 2


Photo of Mohamed Egal

Mohamed Egal - WON: 52.7%

Pos. 4


Photo of Iris Guzman

Iris Guzman - WON: 52.21%

Pos. 6



Whatcom County Council

Photo of Kaylee Galloway

Kaylee Galloway - WON: 55.8%

Dis. 1


Photo of Todd Donovan

Todd Donovan - WON: 77.5%

Dis. 2


Photo of Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca Lewis

Dis. 3


Photo of Barry Buchanan

Barry Buchanan - WON: 54.12%




Olympia City Council

Photo of Yen Huynh

Yến Huỳnh - WON: 57.28%

Pos. 2


Photo of Lisa Parshley

Lisa Parshley - WON: 57.65%

Pos. 5


Photo of Jim Cooper

Jim Cooper - WON: 54.32%

Pos. 7



Tumwater City Council

Photo of Angela Jefferson

Angela Jefferson - WON: 96.72%

Pos. 2

Photo of Peter Agabi

Peter Agabi - WON: 68.86%

Pos. 6



Tumwater Mayor

Photo of Debbie Sullivan

Debbie Sullivan - WON: 81.71%




Lacey City Council

Photo of Robin Vazquez

Robin Vazquez - WON: 61.5%

Pos. 4


Photo of Carolyn Cox

Carolyn Cox - WON: 54.45%

Pos. 7



King County Council

Photo of Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry - WON: 55.81%

Dis. 3


Photo of Shukri Olow

Dr. Shukri Olow

Dis. 5


Photo of Kim-Khanh Van

Kim-Kahn Van

Dis. 9



Federal Way City Council

Photo of Leandra Craft

Leandra Craft

Pos. 5


Photo of Renae Seam

Renae Seam

Pos. 6



Renton City Council

Photo of Carmen Rivera

Carmen Rivera WON: 51.69%

Pos. 2



Burien City Council

Photo of Hugo Garcia

Hugo Garcia - WON: 52.89%

Pos. 1


Photo of Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore - WON: 55.13%

Pos. 5


Photo of Krystal Marx

Krystal Marx

Pos. 7



Port Angeles City Council


Photo of Lindsey Shromen-Wawrin

Lindsay Schrowmen-Wawrin - WON: 50.73%

Pos. 3




Bellingham Port Commissioner

Photo of Kelly Krieger

Kelly Krieger

Pos. 3



Anacortes City Council

Photo of Amanda Hubik

Amanda Hubik - WON: 53.27%

Pos. 4


Housing Action Fund Endorsement Committee Members 

Andy Silver (Committee Chair)

Jennifer Bereskin

Brook Fadley

Mark Smith

Corina Yballa

Sharonne Navas

J. Peter Shapiro

Sheila Babb Anderson

Kylie Rolf


2021 Endorsement Committee Timeline

  • May 17-21: Filing period 
  • June 1: Endorsement Committee meeting
  • June 4: Distribute candidate questionnaires for approved candidate races
  • June 21: Questionnaires due 
  • June 29: Deadline for review process  
  • July 6 or 7: Endorsement Committee meeting
  • July 12: Endorsement vote at board meeting 
  • August 3: Primary 
  • Consider additional endorsements for general election depending on outcome 
  • September 23: Additional endorsements vote at board meeting 
  • November 2: General election