Resident Action Project

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What is the Resident Action Project?
The Resident Action Project is exactly what it sounds like - people coming together to take action on affordable housing and homelssness issues. RAP is comprised of current residents of affordable housing communities, direct service providers and frontline staff, people seeking affordable homes, and community organizers.

What are the main goals of the Resident Action Project?
1) To advance legislation that supports access to affordable homes and solutions to homelessness
2) To build a base of resident power and help develop leadership among residents

What does it mean to work on legislation related to affordable homes and homelessness issues?
We want to change laws to make affordable homes more available to people who need them, and to take steps to end homelessness. It’s a big picture approach! There are many ways that we might advocate to change laws. A couple examples of this might be:
1) Reach out to state legislators to let them know what action we’d like them to take on certain issues
2) Reach out to people in our communities to get them involved in advocacy

What does the Resident Action Project look like?
We are engaged in the year-round cycle of advocacy, which includes civic engagement work, meeting with lawmakers in the interim and during session, and community building and education. We have different kinds of opportunities to be engaged, including: attending quarterly trainings, community nights, committee meetings, conference calls, volunteer events, and more! 

How do I get involved? 
Email Kiki Serantes at to get on the mailing list or to get more information! There are constantly new things happening with the Resident Action Project, and email is the quickest way to receive those updates.