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Housing Champions 2020: The Importance of the Action Fund and Getting Leaders Elected

By Emily Strange, Community Organizing Fellow

You may know that there are two organizations working closely with one another to advocate and organize for housing justice at the state level: the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance (Housing Alliance) and the Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund (Action Fund). But why is having two distinct organizations necessary? How do they work to support each other? What makes them unique from one another? 

2019 Housing Alliance Action Fund PAC annual celebration

Join us in Seattle on June 6 to celebrate the progress we've made together, recognize some of the people who made that possible, and help raise money for our PAC to elect housing champions.

Housing Alliance Action Fund PAC annual celebration
Thursday June 6: 4:30 – 6:30pm
Optimism Brewing
1158 Broadway, Seattle, Washington 98122 

Housing Heroes 2018

Reiny Cohen, Director of Communications

Every year here at the Action Fund, we like to recognize the folks whose work for housing justice in Washington had the greatest impact on expanding access to affordable homes and ending homelessness. We call these folks Housing Heroes, and this year we gave them special recognition at our PAC the House event on June 20. 

Let's give it up for these Housing Heroes!

There is much to celebrate this legislative session

Rachael Myers, Executive Director

In this time of rising homelessness and sky-high housing costs across Washington, the state legislature has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and bipartisan support for solutions to the housing affordability and homelessness crisis across our state. On March 8, our state legislature ended the 2018 legislative session having made unprecedented and significant progress on solutions to the housing affordability and homelessness crisis in our state. 

Learn at Lunch: Building Political Power in Washington

Reiny Cohen, Director of Communications
Have you heard about our advocate educational series we call Learn at Lunch? They are lunchtime webinars hosted by our sister organization Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, and these sessions are an opportunity to deepen your understanding of our policy issues and advocacy goals. Each webinar features an expert on the topic and are accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection.

RAP's Whirlwind Trip to DC!

Kristina Nielander, Community Organizer

The Resident Action Project is building power to change policy by organizing a statewide network of people who have personal experience with housing instability and homelessness. On Wednesday, July 12, we had the opportunity build that power on a national level by connecting with people who have similar experiences from all across the country.

Meet the Candidate: Councilmember Alishia Topper

Teresa Clark, Director of Organizing

Recently, Housing Alliance Action Fund staff traveled to Vancouver, WA to engage residents of affordable housing in the electoral process – registering voters, talking about local issues like Proposition 1 (the Vancouver housing levy), and urging people to vote on Nov 8. 

Meet the Candidate: Justice Mary Yu

Irene Basloe Saraf, Board President

Justice Mary Yu was appointed to the Washington Supreme Court in 2014, elected to complete that term in 2015, and is now running for a full six-year term. She brought deep skills and experience as a jurist to the Court; she served as a King County trial court judge for 14 years. She also represents important milestones for the Court: she is the first Asian-American, first woman of color and first member of the LGBTQ community to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.


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