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Housing Champions 2020: The Importance of the Action Fund and Getting Leaders Elected

By Emily Strange, Community Organizing Fellow

You may know that there are two organizations working closely with one another to advocate and organize for housing justice at the state level: the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance (Housing Alliance) and the Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund (Action Fund). But why is having two distinct organizations necessary? How do they work to support each other? What makes them unique from one another? 

2019 Housing Alliance Action Fund PAC annual celebration

Join us in Seattle on June 6 to celebrate the progress we've made together, recognize some of the people who made that possible, and help raise money for our PAC to elect housing champions.

Housing Alliance Action Fund PAC annual celebration
Thursday June 6: 4:30 – 6:30pm
Optimism Brewing
1158 Broadway, Seattle, Washington 98122 


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