Action for Homes #54!

Claudia Kauffman for State Senator, 47th legislative district!

Written by Gian Mitchell, Community Organizing Fellow

Headshot of Claudia Kauffman

The Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund is excited to highlight our endorsement of Claudia Kauffman for state senator of the 47th legislative district! An experienced public servant, Kauffman served as state senator from 2006-2010. Since then, she’s served on community projects such as the Communities of Concern Commission and the Green River College in Auburn. Kauffman is currently the Intergovernmental Affairs Liason for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe where she works to advance the tribe's legislative agenda on a local, state, and federal level.

Kauffman’s commitment to racial equity in housing policy runs deep. She writes, “As a woman of color and a member of the Nez Perce Tribe, I completely agree that housing opportunities for communities of color must be prioritized. We need to invest in our own communities. The state needs to trust that we have the capacity to develop housing and provide the services that our communities deserve.” She goes on to state, “We have been working so hard to create the housing development that is community driven, community led, and incorporates our traditional values, our traditional art, our traditional traditions into the development.”

As a member of the Communities of Concern Commission, a coalition of leaders from communities of color and low-income rural areas that are disproportionately affected by poverty, Kauffman has experience advocating for the resources communities need to thrive. She writes, “I wholeheartedly support the requests of the Communities of Concern, support their mission, and believe the state must invest in and build capacity in our communities and trust that we know our communities and can meet our needs. We should not have to justify our work. This should be automatic in the state’s investment priorities.”

Kauffman’s experience, dedication to equity, and willingness to fight for housing justice make her the clear choice in this race for state senate. Want to help housing champions like Kauffman get elected? Donate here or sign up to volunteer here.