Action for Homes #51

Darya Farivar for State Representative of District 46!

Headshot of Darya in front of a mural. She has black curly hair, is smiling, and wears a suit jacket

The Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund is proud to endorse Darya Farivar for State Representative (position 2) of District 46 (Northgate, Lake City, Kenmore)! Farivar is a capable, experienced, and fierce advocate for the needs of underserved populations. She states, “My priority is the intersection of behavioral health, housing and homelessness, and the criminal legal system because these are the issues directly impacting my neighbors and constituents. I live in the Lake City neighborhood, a lower-income community of color, where you can’t go anywhere without being directly confronted by the behavioral health and housing crisis.”  

Farivar has the experience necessary to tackle these multifaceted issues. She’s served as the Advocacy Program Coordinator for Open Doors for Multicultural Families and on the Seattle Women’s Commission. Farivar is currently the Director of Public Policy for Disability Rights Washington where she’s uplifted the voices of people with disabilities who’re frequently at the intersection of housing insecurity, healthcare, and the criminal legal system.  

Her experience has informed her approach to policy making. She writes, “People of color are consistently underrepresented in the conversations where policies are made. I know this because I see it almost every day as a first-generation woman of color. I believe that the people who are directly affected are the experts in their own lives and should be treated as such. I have no interest in being a voice for the voiceless, I want to use my privilege to pass the mic and create space for those who have been silenced.”  

Farivar’s commitment to equity and systemic change comes with a proactive approach to policy She states, “Washington State wastes millions of dollars waiting for people to reach a crisis level of care before providing treatment. We can save money and lives by providing low-barrier accessible housing, addressing basic needs, and a full spectrum of care for our residents.”   

No matter our color, creed, gender identity, ability, or sexual orientation, everyone needs access to safe, stable housing. You can help us make that happen by supporting Farivar and housing champions like her at this link. Your time, energy, and voice are critical to our success in this work. 


Support Darya and Housing Champions Like Her! 

Darya Farivar of District 46 (Northgate, Lake City, Kenmore) is holding two door knocking shifts on Saturday September 17th! The first shift is from 12-2:30pm and the second is 2-4:30pm. You can join Darya’s efforts by completing this sign-up form.  

Don’t feel up to knocking on doors? Do a literature drop or phone bank instead! Jamila Taylor is the vice chair of the Housing, Human Services & Veterans Committee, and serves on the Community & Economic Development and Transportation Committees. She also chairs the Legislative Black Caucus. She’s running for re-election in District 30 (Federal Way, Lakeland South) and needs support! She is holding a literature drop from 10am-1pm on Saturday September 17th. Anyone across the state can phone/text bank to help her return to Olympia too! Jamila’s seat and her support has a huge impact on housing policies. Let’s help her get there! Email for details. 

Our next candidate, Chris Vance, is running for State Senator of District 31 (Buckley, Greenwater)! Chris is holding a door knocking event that starts at 10am on October 8th. You can sign up to volunteer at the event by completing this Google form.  


Written by Gian Mitchell, Community Organizing Fellow