Whew...What. A. Ride!

Brianna Thomas, Field Director

Well, the 2014 campaign season is mostly over. Let's take a second and congratulate our Housing Candidates who have locked in their races:

Derek Stanford Marcus Riccelli Timm Ormsby Maureen Walsh
Marko Liias Strom Peterson Lillian Ortiz-Self Chris Reykdal
Sam Hunt Sherry Appleton Steve Conway David Sawyer
Maralyn Chase Cindy Ryu Karen Keiser Tina Orwall
Mia Gregerson Sharon Nelson Joe Fitzgibbon Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Gael Tarleton Pramila Jayapal John McCoy June Robinson
Mike Sells Tana Senn Brady Walkinshaw Frank Chopp
Steve Hobbs Roger Goodman Larry Springer David Frockt
Gerry Pollet  Jessyn Farrell Cyrus Habib  

We are waiting on the final results for a few of our Housing Candidates. I believe that it's not over until every last ballot is counted...and in some cases even recounted!

What is final though, is the INCREDIBLE effort of our Housing Actioneers:

  • We more than doubled our field effort from 2012.
  • You helped us serve over 90 volunteer shifts.
  • We knocked on the doors or rang the doorbells of 3,200 homes.
  • We made 7,300 calls to Get Out The Vote for Housing Candidates.

While voter turnout this year was a bummer, our high engagement numbers was a WIN! Whether you made a donation, called voters, or knocked on doors, THANK YOU for the part you played. 

And go, Seahawks!