Action for Homes #42

Emily Alvarado for Washington State Representative, 34th District! 

Written by: Kendra Allman, Community Organizing Fellow 

We are very happy to share the news that Emily Alvarado, yet another dedicated housing advocate and member of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance board, is running for Representative in the 34th district, and has our full and eager endorsement! 

Emily is an extremely experienced advocate with an extensive career of non-profit housing justice work. As the Director of the City of Seattle Office of Housing, Emily worked hard to lead policy changes that would provide affordable housing to Seattle residents and protect the rights of renters, supervising the allocation of more than $275 million in affordable housing and homeownership for more than 3,600 families over the course of her position. Now as Vice President and Pacific Northwest Market Leader of Enterprise Community Partners, a national organization dedicated to helping create and maintain affordable homes, Emily continues her work fighting to ensure everyone’s right to a safe and stable place to live. At Enterprise, Emily oversees the Home and Hope program, which focuses on catalyzing the development of affordable homes as well as providing support for early learning centers led by majority BIPOC organizations. 

“I have the experience to tackle our biggest challenges, pass bold policies and make needed, urgent investments in communities,” she writes. Emily would bring a full career’s worth of in-depth housing advocacy experience into her role as a State Representative, and we would be so incredibly excited to see her in action fighting for housing justice as a lawmaker during the upcoming 2023 legislative session. 

If you’re interested in volunteering to help Emily’s campaign and others like it, sign up here! Your voice and your help will be invaluable in this year’s upcoming election. 

Check out the Action Fund’s Early Endorsements for This Year’s State Legislative Election! 

The Action Fund Board is excited to announce their choices for early endorsement for this year’s upcoming state legislative election! Check out the names of all the housing champions in the running we’ll be supporting in their campaigns for seats in both the Washington State Senate and the Washington State House of Representatives.

We can’t wait to do all that we can to ensure these advocates get elected or reelected. If you’re interested in volunteering to help these campaigns, sign up here!

Stay tuned to hear about other candidates the Action Fund will be endorsing as we approach the primaries! 

New Candidates 

Position LD Candidate
Representative - 2 38 Julio Cortes
Representative - 1 34 Emily Alvarado


Position LD Candidate
Senator 48 Patty Kuderer
Senator 44 John Lovick
Senator 34 Joe Nguyen
Senator 26 Emily Randall
Senator 36 Noel Frame
Senator 38 June Robinson
Senator 37 Rebecca Saldaña
Representative - 2 3 Timm Ormsby
Representative - 2 5 Lisa Callan
Representative - 1 11 David Hackney
Representative - 1 21 Strom Peterson
Representative - 1 23 Tarra Simmons
Representative - 1 24 Steve Tharinger
Representative - 1 29 Melanie Morgan
Representative - 1 30 Jamila Taylor
Representative - 2 32 Lauren Davis
Representative - 2 33 Mia Gregerson
Representative - 2 40 Alex Ramel
Representative - 1 40 Debra Lekanoff
Representative - 2 41 My-Linh Thai
Representative - 2 43 Frank Chopp
Representative - 1 43 Nicole Macri
Representative - 2 44 April Berg
Representative - 1 47 Deborah Entenman
Representative - 2 49 Monica Jurado Stonier