Onward, Actioneers!

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Brianna Thomas, Field Director

It’s after the Primary, lets take a look at how our Housing Candidate races shook out:

  • 67.7% of our 62 Action Fund endorsed Housing Candidates won their races last night.
  • 13 of 18 senate candidates and…
  • 29 of 54 representative candidates are moving forward to the General in great shape to win in November.
Derek Stanford (1)Sherry Appleton (23)Maralyn Chase (32)-SenateIrene Bowling (35)-SenateMike Sells (38)Jessyn Farrell (46)
Timm Ormsby (3)Dawn Morrell (25)Senate, Cindy Ryu (32)Kathy Haigh (35)Tana Senn (41)David Frockt (46)-Senate
Marcus Riccelli (3)Nathan Schilcher (26)Mia Gregerson (33)Jeanne Kohl-Welles (36)-SenateFrank Chopp (43)Larry Springer (45)
Lillian Ortiz-Self (21)Jake Fey (27)Karen Kieser (33)-SenateGael Tarelton (36)Brady Walkinshaw (43)Gerry Pollet (46)
Marko Liias (21)-SenateLaurie Jinkins (27)Tina Orwall (33)Pramila Jayapal (37)Hans Dunshee (44)Cyrus Habib (48)-Senate
Sam Hunt (22)Steve Conway (29)-SenateJoe Fitzgibbon (34)John McCoy (38)-SenateSteve Hobbs (44)-SenateJoan McBride (48)
Chris Reykdal (22)David Sawyer (29)Sharon Nelson (34)June Robinson (38)Roger Goodman (45)Jim Moeller (49)

Of the candidates that made it through the Primary, but did not win last night, we have six additional senate candidates, and eleven more representatives still in the hunt!

Greg Hartman (2)Teodora Martinez-Chavez (15)Maureen Winningham (18)Jesse Young (26)Shari Song (30)-SenateSeth Fleetwood (42)-Senate
Essie Hicks (5)Gabriel Muñoz (15)-SenateStrom Peterson (21)Mary Moss (28)Tammey Newton (35)Mike Wilson (44)
Rich Cowan (6)-SenateMonica Stonier (17)Judy Arbogast (26)-SenateGreg Barusso (30)Charles Jensen (39)Matt Isenhower (45)-Senate

Its important to keep in mind that since our state votes by mail, the final numbers on this August primary won’t be certified until August 19. Also, let’s keep in mind that current statewide voter turnout is at an astonishing 23.91%. It’s so important we continue working to engage our friends, neighbors, and fellow Housing Advocates to get out and vote this November. What is official is that we have a great group of candidates who are committed to creating safe, healthy and affordable housing in Washington State.

These results were made possible with the help of our amazing Actioneers! This election season, the Actioneers made close to 2,000 calls into NINE legislative districts, walked in parades, knocked on doors, posted yard signs, and helped the Action Fund financially support our Housing Candidates. We are a small but mighty group of folks who know that Housing Candidates becoming Housing Champions means we all get closer to the goal of homes for all in Washington. And…we’re growing!

Look forward to more opportunities to plug in with the Actioneers as the General Election gets closer. There will be more calls to make and more doors to knock!