Action for Homes #23

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Image of hand in water, creating a gentle ripple.

Together, we can help elect Housing Champions! 

By: Caroline Lopez

Hand creating ripples in water and Gandhi quote "In a gentle way, you can shake the world"

There are many ways to show up for the growing housing movement. Community members across the state show their concern by letting us know that housing and homelessness issues are important to them for very personal to very pragmatic reasons. Some people have lived through experiences of housing injustice or care for someone who has. Some have worked with people who receive services or provide affordable housing, and some members simply believe that housing is a human right. Whatever your reasons, we welcome you to join us! 

Volunteers may be active members of the Resident Action Project (RAP), including Steering Committee members or the Action Fund Board of Directors. We have many members who volunteer for larger joint events with the Housing Alliance, such as the Conference on Ending Homelessness (COEH), or Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day (HHAD). We also have members who are particularly interested in the Action Fund and volunteer for phone banking, text banking, and door knocking events to help elect leaders that align with Action Fund priorities.  

We build relationships with our volunteers to find out how they want to engage, what skills they want to share, what skills they want to develop, and to let them know about the many opportunities to make an individual and collective impact toward ending homelessness and creating housing stability. We deeply appreciate our volunteers! 

As you may have read in our previous blog posts (Action for Homes #19 & #20); local elections matter! We would love your help to support our Action Fund Endorsed Candidates so that they can be at the table to make decisions that support equity and access to affordable housing, eviction prevention and tenant protections.  

Join us this election season by completing this short volunteer form! We will email you with multiple opportunities that can ripple out to shake the world! 

Action Fund Endorsements

We’ve updated our endorsement page. Check out Action Fund candidates who won their primary!